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ProBlogger.Net is one of the great Blog authorities on making money on the net through Blogs. Problogger is written by Darren Rowse a giant in the Blogging world. If you are interested in making consistent money Online read this Blog over and over again. Problogger has thousands of quality Blog posts with more info on Blogging to the Bank than you would find in any glossy over priced get rich quick Books, that they sell at the Book Store. Problogger is well designed, with a simple Menu up top. Also check out Darren Rowse's other Internet Projects, which include Darren's Blog Digital Photography School and His B5media Network of Bloggers. Darren also Posts on his Problogger site a nice and up to date Job Board with Blogging related Jobs so check it out if that type of thing interests You. Darren Rowse is a PILLAR of the Blogging community and the king of a very large Web Empire. Darren's work is deep and We can all learn a lot from Him.



Technorati is a site that is one of the major epicenters of blogging on the Internet. It categorizes significant blog posts, pictures, videos, and anything else imaginable. The top blogs are featured and they get their status through people linking to their posts and their site generating authority. the authority of a blog, its post or anything else associated with it is calculated by the numbering of unique links accrued to the blog post or what ever else that is calculated every so often then links will eventually not count anymore after hundreds of days.
If your site is a blog, or similar to a blog register it at Technorati.com. you will need access to your sites html or other codes in order to insert the confirmation html tag. the spiders can see this in your posts unless for instance on many social blogging networks where the programming between the posts and the script is blocked which makes the page crawling spider reject it. blogger.com is compatible with Technorati so if it doesn't work on your site open up a blogger blog and see how signing up for Technorati works.

to stay up to date with Technorati check out their blog at least once a month at http://Technorati.com/weblog/



Feedburner is a Google owned Web Service that allows Site Owners to Burn the Feed of their Site, and Pod casts in Atom, RSS and various other Feed types.
Feedburner is very useful to a Site Owner in that they can Analyze, Optimize, Publicize, Monetize, and Troubleshootize their Site Podcast and Feed. For the new Site Owner the most important thing is to Publicize the new Site via a Pingshot in the Publicize Menu.
Pinging various Services, Search Engines, and Businesses allows for a speedier cataloging of a Web Site/Blog, Podcast, and Feed. Once the services are notified the site that sent out the Ping will start to see targeted Referral and Search Traffic within minutes to days.
Be sure to sign up for all of the applicable Services by clicking on the Hyperlinks giving your Email and confirming your Account because the Services will offer more to you in terms of Use and Compatibility. Sign up. The most important service to sign up to is Technorati.
If your Ping is unsuccessful add Content to your Site and wait a few hours or days to avoid being perceived as Spam and go to Ping-O-Matic at Pingomatic.com and type in your Site's Web Address, your Feed Address, and your Site Title and re-Ping your Site.
Within the first month of your Site be sure to sign up to all applicable Services in the Ping Shot Menu and participate monthly in the Communities that you Pinged to.

be sure to keep up with the latest Feedburner news by checking the Feedburner Blog http://blogs.FeedBurner.com/FeedBurner/ at least once a month


User Generated Product

User Generated Products, and Services are BIG BUSINESS. Web 2.0 User Generated Product Online Companies allow Anyone to CREATE their own Product, and generate Revenue from the Product. These services are Incredible Revenue Tools for your Internet Business (or start your own User Generated Product and Service Company). Most companies offer both FREE, and paid Services. Site Owners, can customize Revenue Generating Goods, and Designs, that can further Advertise Their Site and Company, while offering the Consumer Unique Goods.

Some EXAMPLES of the Top User Generated Services that Web Publishers use now are:

1. CafePress.Com

2. SpreadShirt.Com


3. Zaggle.Com


Google Adsense

Google one of the biggest Search, Web, and Advertising companies on the Internet has a program called AdSense. AdSense is a free Blog and Website Advertising program where a Site Owner can cut and past an html Script Advertisement into their site.
AdSense differs from most other Free Advertising Services, in the fact that Adsense is highly customizable. Site owners can choose from a variety of Ad Formats, shapes, sizes, Appearance, Picture Ads, Text Ads, Referral Ads, Video Ads, and Mobile Ads.

The 5 types of advertisements:

AdSense for Content - allows Site Owners to choose Ads that through a Page Crawling Spider determine appropriate Ad content. The AdSense for Content Ads come in Ad Units, Link Units, and can be customized to be Image Only or Text Only. site owners can choose Competitive Ad Filter options so the Ads don't directly compete with their Business.

AdSense for Search- a highly Customizable Search Box that displays Ads with in the search queries. when people hit the Advertisements in the Search Queries the Site Owners gain revenue from this program.

AdSense for Referral- you can choose specific referral ads or categories. referral ads offer all of the customizable ad options available in the content ads with the added text ads of which you get three. though there is some speculation that the text ads can negatively affect the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your site nevertheless these are the most powerful money earning ads that AdSense offers.

AdSense Video Units- offer a three size customizable YouTube video player that the site owner receives revenue on ad clicks in the ad on the screen and the ad above the screen.

AdSense for Mobile - offer script ads for your mobile web sites

Peter Chen's blogger tips site is a staple for basic questions surrounding the AdSense

most web publishers who use AdSense regularly check out the inside AdSense Blog for up to date Information on the dynamic and continually improving program


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