Never Blue Ads

Never Blue Ads is an Advertising Company, that I, have no doubts about! I use it. You, can make Money with Never Blue Ads, as an Advertiser and Publisher. Never Blue Ads, get MANY CLICKS and ATTENTION. So, if You play Your Cards right, with Never Blue Ads, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!


John Chow

John Chow is, simply the BEST Resource on the Internet, to make You Rich. John Chow, is the EXHAUSTIVE GUIDE, on the WEB MONEY Phenomenon. IF YOU WANT YOUR WEB MONEY NOW, GO VISIT JOHN CHOW!



Kontera.Com is a practically fool proof, PPC, In-Text Advertising Service! Whatever HYPE you have heard, about Kontera, is true! Kontera is amazing. Kontera's only down fall, is that, Kontera makes Your Site, appear to have a Virus. But most People, don't seem to care, when the Money comes in! Kontera, may very well make You, a lot of Money!


TTZ Media

TTZ Media is an Affiliate Advertising Company started by the LEGENDARY Blogger John Chow! TTZ is one of the most powerful blog advertising programs on the market! TTZ Media offers an eCPM as high as $12 Dollars! TTZ Media, is the Affiliate Network, that brings in the Big Money for the Pros! Apply today!



WidgetBucks is a great way for Advertisers, and People with Websites, to make Money. WidgetBucks pays more per Click, than most Advertising Companies. WidgetBucks if deployed effectively on Your Site, will generate an Effective source of Income. Many Bloggers make good Money off of WidgetBucks's Referrals as well! The down side is that some of WidgetBucks's Ads are a bit Viral looking, which is never a good thing on any Site.



Pheedo.Com offers both Publishers, and Advertisers an EXCELLENT opportunity,to make Money with RSS advertisements. Pheedo is used by some MAJOR Websites. Some MAJOR Companies use Pheedo for advertising, as well. I like Pheedo for the very reason that, their Ads are a bit catchier than Google's Adsense, and can have higher Click Through Rates!



Revver.Com is a Video sharing Network, where You can make Money on Your Videos. Also on Revver, You can make Money sharing other people's Videos. You can make quite a bit of Money, with Video Content that is entertaining, and useful. Increasingly Revver is gaining a larger Video Community, which increases Your potential Revenue. Revver's Movies are Embeddable, and fairly high quality. Revver makes a great alternative for People, who can't afford the Bandwidth, and Video Applications, on their Website. Whenever Uploading Videos on a Video Sharing Website, consider Your loss of Rights to the Content, and perhaps the devaluing of the Content on the general Market.



YouTube.Com is a User Generated Video Web Site, that is a GIGANTIC promotional tool for any Online Blog, Site, or Business! YouTube is FREE to sign up, and EASY TO USE.

Its important to layout a Professional Video Channel, with an in depth Description, that is customized to Your Needs. Also, when laying out Your Video's details, be sure to Carefully Choose your Title, make an Accurate Description, Fitting Video Category, and Appropriate Tags. Never mislead People, when setting the details of Your Video up.
Also, YouTube will pay You a bit of Money, on an Impression basis! To Qualify for this Program, You must have thousands of Views, and You must Submit an Application.



Ping-o-Matic is an excellent Pinging Service, that notifies many Web Services of your Site, and your Site's Updates. Merely by entering Your URL, and Your Site's Title into a Box, select the Services that You want to be notified, and hit a Button that says 'Send Pings.'(it is optional but You can also Ping Your Feed) Ping-o-Matic is an excellent tool, in the case that Your Site, is not cataloging well, with THE SERVICES' across the Web. In that case, Ping-o-Matic may be just what your Blog, Site, or Business needs. On the other hand, Ping abuse may lead to Your Site being left out of the Search Sites, and other important Service-Sites on the Web. Less is often more.



Quantcast allows both Publishers, and Advertisers, to see what is going on, with Site usage, and Traffic, in a way that benefits both. For example if you are a Publisher, Quantcast allows Advertisers to see, easy to read Metrics, to judge if Your Site a good place to Advertise.

Quantcast also has Embeddable Traffic Graphs, Traffic Rankings, Counters and Widgets for your site.(if You are into that kind of thing)

To Start Quantcast's Metrics, Place a Code on Your Site, and scan It.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows Site Owners (You) to see where People are coming from, where They are going, and how They act on
Your Web Site, or Blog. Google Analytics is FREE, and installs, by placing a Tracking Code on Your Site.

Not paying attention to every Aspect of your Google Analytics Report, is the BIGGEST mistake You will ever make with Your Website.



BidVertiser is a powerful Pay-Per-Click Website Advertisement Service, that Pays out at $10 Dollars, Via PayPal. Bidvertiser also offers Referral Advertisements. Referral Advertisement has a lower Conversion Rate, than a Pay-PER-Click Advertisement, but often Referrals Pay You much more Money per Conversion. It may help to refer to the Google's 'Heat Map' to give You some Ideas on Ad Placement and Strategy.



TypePad is a popular Blogging Service that is used by some MAJOR Bloggers.



WidgetBox is a site where ANYBODY can build a Widget. A Widget is a Piece of HTML that Can Be Put Anywhere where one can Embed HTML, or with the Various Programs that Accept the Widgets. Developing Widgets is a great way to gain EXPOSURE for your Website, Blog or Business while offering something Viable to the Web 2.0 Community. WidgetBox's Widgets are available on a broad array of Services, including Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, LiveJournal, Tagged, Freewebs, iGoogle, Netvibes, Pageflakes, Hi5, Piczo, Ning (OpenSocial), and More Web Programs joining by the DAY!
For Bloggers and Web Owners the Blidget, which is a Blog Widget, can be a Traffic Source,because when People click your Blidget they will go to Your specified URL.
The negative aspects of Widgets includes the Fact that They Slow Site Speed. Also If you Over-Market your Widgets, People may perceive this as a form of Spam. The MORAL of the Story May Be to Build Widgets but Keep them off of your Site.



MyBlogLog.Com is a Yahoo based Community of Bloggers. MyBlogLog is an excellent service to join because it Tracks Your Site's Feeds, has cool Analytics Tools and Social Widgets that You can Put on Your Site or Blog, and is INVALUABLE as a NETWORKING, and LINK BUILDING tool, that has helped many Bloggers find Success. The downside of any Social Site Like this, is obviously the loss of Content Rights, that you sign away when Joining, so if you don't like the Terms of Service don't Join.
Another negative aspect of MyBlogLog is that fact that if your Blog or Site doesn't have a whole lot of strength in the Search Game then your MYBLOGLOG Profile, Activity or Feed on MyBlogLog may rank higher then your SITE. Personally I'd rather have my Site the highest Ranking Internet Activity, that I do, so People can go directly to MY Business! (Direct Organic Traffic Is the Most Likely Traffic that Will hit Your Targeted Ads, Consume Your Business's Products, Goods, and Services and ULTIMATELY Make You Money.)



TechCrunch.Com is a Site dedicated to keeping Us all up-to-date with CURRENT Internet Companies and Products making it a must read for any Person who has any Interest whatsoever in the Internet and Technology.
Keeping your finger on the Tech Pulse if you will, is Beyond CRUCIAL in maintaining a Competitive and Current Internet Business. This is VERY IMPORTANT to Bloggers and Web Site Owners because if your Business or Site looks dated in any way, People will pass on it.
Moreover it is a Good Idea to keep a heads up on our REVOLUTION to Exploit New Things and You Will consequently Make More Money For Your Self!



Wordpress is one of the foremost and successful blogging programs on earth. Wordpress blogs differ from other blogging platforms in that they are cleanly executed, well laid out, and the programming is immaculate. Because Word Press operates on a very light skin the page load is much higher so you can fill the site with cool widgets and menus and things and the page will still load a million times faster than a slow template driven site that is hosted on blogger for instance. if you are serious about blogging you should get serious about wordpress.



PAYPAL.COM is a great service where a Person with a Blog or Website can easily start a viable Business Selling Goods, Services, and Collecting Donations. PayPal is basically an Online Money Handling Database that is FREE to use, highly Customizable, and Adaptable. But remember PayPal is subject to Restrictions, for example it is Taxable and when conducting Businesses on PayPal, it is important to check Specific Laws because you are wholly subject to them.
Many Bloggers, Site Owners, and E-Commerce types use PayPal a variety of ways.

1. You can build a Blog with each Post Pitching a Product. In this instance make sure your products title and description are concise, describe wholly what you are offering and State Clearly the terms and Conditions of the products. Pictures are a must. With you Product's Picture make the file name a description of the product so when people for instance google your Product, that it will be included in Search Engine's Image Search as well.

2. You can Tag a Market section of your existing Blog and Sell with PayPal using the Traffic that you have already Built.

3. You can start a Business Site using Services like WEBSITE TONIGHT.COM to build up a Business Beta Frame-Work for your Site. In this instance it helps to start a Sub-Domain Blog off of your Site to attract People because Commerce sites tend to not Catalog well with the search engines.
My final thoughts on Pay Pal are that it is a highly underutilized Web Business orientated Platform, that may make you some money.


The FaceBook Market Place is a Networking Beast that isn't just for the younger crowd. Facebook is fast becoming a Platform where Businesses thrive. Signing up to the Facebook automatically gives you FREE access to one of the most efficient Market Places in the Web 2.0 World. If you have stuff to Sell, Facebook is the Perfect ALTERNATIVE to eBay. Because Facebook's Market Place is so High Quality, you will quickly find people matched to your Product that you are Selling, which with a little luck and a lot of Work is the recipe for Internet Business Success. Check out the FaceBook today, and join the MILLIONS of people who have already found SUCCESS on it!


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