Blogging is the future not the past

If you blog for numbers money or hits you are in for the wrong reason. If you are a do hooded or a problem solver then you must blog for the same reason book stores exist or films exist. It’s the fabric of society just as people need jobs titles and education so do people need to express their ideas work through a business or connect. The real issue is building a brand that isint just yourself or your opinion. People do make money off preaching to choirs but what if it isn’t about money but just for the betterment of society and the people you can touch or mentor through the collaboration of people and ideas. Here is a thought help people out of their situations help them move through their situations and exist in their situations and this can only really happen when you put your own interests and aspirations on hold. The thing about money is that it’s just water are you a prince to become a king or just a pawn or a knight ruled by emotion. An entrepreneur is a prince . An idea is an empire maybe not your idea right now but perhaps later or someone else’s see we can all be involved whether we succeed or not because it’s not about success only so if u missed the real plot which is your hope for a change and the allowance of Lady Luck to bless you how ever u may call this called a belief set a religion a spirituality. Now you must move forward an idea because you want to see if it will hold water. That is the key.


Business won’t solve your problems

The greatest asset someone has is responsibility. Through responsibility you gain authority. Your hands are on the strings. And an ocean pushes you the current the hand of a higher power what you are given. So you give what you receive in hopes to get more but the well runs dry. It’s no longer thrilling. Sometimes no matter what you can do. Your angle into business seems vanilla and your life stands still. Eventually it seems the whole world is against you but people in entrepreneurship call this reality. So the focus must shift to something that will move the ship foreword or you must sail away or walk. You watch cars go by you drown in information and petty people who use words as if they know what they are talking about . Some hide behind their success while others hide behind their delusions. I could assign my readers to take out a domain to solve a problem create an ap or a page on a site or app it’s your world. Help people find work help people understand their problems and walk them through via a web forum or a social environment at whatever level you enter find a name solve a problem and build the business. This is not a site about employment it’s about money cold hard cash. If you don’t like that please get out of the way because it’s a liability to work. Time reputation and goodwill leave so will your money and success. Just an opinion


Unemployed brand ideas

Having a life online is perhaps synonymous with unemployment.  Or it may lead that direction.  People swaying beliefs swaying others swayie beliefs.  Lost in the digital matrix out of ideas.  The basic needs are the answers for money.  Shelter food jobs wisdom etc are in short supply perhaps now more than ever a targeted business to automate your money is the way.  People want follows they don’t want successful readers employed readers going to college readers traveling readers they want losers like themselves.  That is reality.  You are better than that yes you do need to survive but business can be a teacher investing a teacher to better peoples lives so you can give back and be a good person because the only way to get is to give religion knows this well but seems to be lost in the business and online social crowd.  Feed the homeless.  Give to charity.  Serve people .  You will be rewarded.  Don’t take it too seriously because being an entrepreneur is a fleeting experience so be good to the people you meet and keep moving.


Mobile Domination, Fast Flying Files, Instantaneous Communication, At The Speed Of Light

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Put a condenser mic on a cellphone and upload a HD video onto the net in moments.  Slogging chips into computers or USB transfers or whatever else we used to do are things of the past.  Files are flipping from phones to phones instantaneously and exist on all platforms at the same time.  Time and space are changing and reality is shifting.  New technologies are dominating the capital market and are rising to great power at alarming rates.  The revolution is here and the year is 2014.  Twitter is a cliche not some secret website for strange people who are into things that no one else understands.  The web is reality and the people and things it brings together is epic.
All the rage right now?
1.  Snap Chat
2.  Keek
3.  Mixbit
4.  Tout
5.  Vine

And numerous more similar sites.  Ok there are many great sites out there doing great things.  The commonality has to do with the speed of communications that is speeding up.  YouTube is great but more for people slowing things down.  Facebook is great but also slow.  Slow is being replaced by fast.  Slow is the anchor.  The big content stores.  But we also need to communicate and hookup ideas and people together.  Make money and change the world in realty as well as on the web.

Web 2.0 is slow so we need new faster and different communities with different feels and flavors.  And they are being invented every day.  Welcome to the revolution and enjoy the ride.


How Origional Ideas Change The World

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The originator of ideas are among the most powerful.  People follow the idea and the inventor of the idea becomes rich an powerful.  Resources flow in as the world crowns them.  Everything is an idea from your philosophies on life, the country you live in, your money, to your favorite restaurant, etc.  What ideas do you hold trapped inside of you that could aid your rise to power and success, and why do you hold them in?  Why are you unwilling or unable to do the work to see your ideas to reality?  Hopefully you will start to take small action when you have a good idea.  Open up a blog.  Meet other people who share your interests or may potentially help you.

Some people struggle with coming up with ideas.  This often lies in limiting beliefs, and maybe just associating with people and things that aren't conducive to positive thoughts that lead to inspiration.  The most basic belief is little old me can't really do great things because other people say I can't etc.  Life is an evolution.  Grow learn and step up with your ideas.  This is your shot.  The Internet is here for you.  People are here for you take action and reach out to people and learn from your mistakes.

Leadership is key.  No one is going to help bring you ideas forward but you.  No body will champion them but you.  So it is important to believe that your ideas are as good as any.  You are legit and your mistakes will help you grow and form new ideas and new ways of developing them.

Action is the most important thing.  People who do go farther in life than people who think.

And most importantly balance your life.  I learn the most socializing with people not stuck in my bat cave on my computer all day.  Get out.  The social world, and the real world are very similar.  Embrace people and their perspectives, their stories and your ability to learn and grow.

Cultivate your mind, your body physically and move on and up.  Good luck.


Organization Is A Huge Skill For Internet Users

Bookmark and ShareI was reminded recently cleaning up some social media channels how important organization is.  No matter how great a presentation of a site, or page is, if it is not entirely organized users ultimately will move on to preserve their time in effect.  That brings me to the site that I was thinking about at the moment which is  Modelmayhem and other similar social, and self promotional sites are often extremely challenging.  People have to set themselves apart from the crowd.  This is tough because many people copy each others styles.  With the Internet a clothing trend can go around the world instantly.  Things that are popular in Los Angeles are popular in Beijing China at the exact same moment.  As a model in one country it is hard aside from a really custom set and clothing style to break away.  Even harder is the level of talent that seems to be on the rise.  The obstacle is very similar to how eBay power sellers have had to evolve such a high level of branding and customer service that is beyond what many would expect from actual companies.  Many people have traditionally wanted to 'network' or shove their ideas on other people.  If their work and portfolio on model mayhem for example is not in order they can have problems.  The first for example would be a photographer with many models.  Too few pictures will not represent the depth of the abilities of the photographer.  Too many and people get lost.  Obviously a master portfolio open to the public is an excellent way to give back to the digital commons but on the front page of model mayhem business contact front  there must be order in the photos so someone could navigate and understand where the photographer is coming from quickly.  People make their move and decide online in the matter of a moment.  In cyberspace we only have a few seconds to purvey our points.
Models face similar challenges, except they are trying to achieve depth from a single person.  This can be a challenge to communicate the scope of work that a model does.  Whether one should just list the resume by number or give some samples that is up to the individual, but it can help to have those high impact masterclass pictures forward.   Also people struggle with descriptions and often are not entirely accurate which may turn off a high end photographer unless the model has some cred and notoriety in their world.  It can be tough to be the perfect individual.   Organization is key to rehash probably the most important social media related skill that few really think about.


Notice Of Copyright Infringement Spam

Bookmark and ShareA disturbing social media trend lately has been notice of copyright infringement spam.  This happens when a seemingly reputable company makes a bogus copyright claim against a users 100% original content.  This could be a bug, or there could be political and economic reasons behind the attack.  For instance if a user is seen to be too successful people could pull strings to have this happen.  Or perhaps the publishing companies created a robot spider that indiscriminately flags materials for copyright that are used open and fair.  The said corporation benefits from legitimate claims while users may have their whole life uprooted from the claim.
The best solution to this that I can think of is:
1.  Creating many accounts.  This may seem like spam to some but in reality can be a way of protecting one's content.  An example may include having a personal branded channel, and maybe ten other channels with different branding and function.
2.  Become more proficient at other sites.  This can allow a person to maintain their user base in case of a copyright attack.
3.  Filling out a report naming the institutions that created the attack.  This can allow the mother site to block their spam bots and eliminate the problem for thousands of people.
4.  Using anonymous accounts.  This eliminates the whole personal identity attacks.  People are less likely to get mad at a sock puppet type of account.
5.  Create forum posts documenting this.  Doing a Google search I mostly came up with instances of people flagrantly abusing copyright laws rather than victims of this that only produce original content.  It can be hard when a victim to step up and say something.

In conclusion do not loose sight of the goal which is to make some cash, build the empire, and just relax and enjoy any success that happens.


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